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Nursing Homes in South Dakota

South Dakota has 246 total senior care providers. Included in this are 132 nursing home facilities. According to information collected by Medicare, the average cost of nursing home facilities in South Dakota is $67,890 annually, with costs typically ranging from $4,800 to $7,500 monthly. The nationwide average cost for the entire country is about $6,360 per month.

The metropolitan area of Rapid City has the highest nursing home expenses in the state of South Dakota, with prices ranging between $212 per day and $257 per day and a median annual cost of approximately $83,403. The lowest nursing home costs in the state are around the Sioux Falls area. Here, they range from $176 to $250 per day, with a median annual expense of about $77,380.

South Dakota has an above average SeniorScore™ of 71. It is the 46th largest state in the nation. It has a combined population of around 813,464, 31% of which are over the age of 55. On average, residents have a life span of around 79.5 years.

The per capita income in South Dakota is approximately $24,953. The mean household income is $61,400, with median earnings of around $48,382. The state has an average general cost of living. Presently, it has an unemployment rate of about 5.15%.

With average temperatures ranging from 32.8 to 58.1 degrees Fahrenheit, South Dakota typically has a frigid climate. The average temperature throughout the year is around 46.1 degrees.

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