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Assisted Living in Wyoming

Our records show that Wyoming has 92 senior care providers, which include 39 assisted living facilities. According to data collected by Medicare, the average cost of assisted living facilities in Wyoming is $37,080 per year, with costs typically ranging between $1,800 and $4,468 monthly. The monthly national average cost is about $3,500.

The metro area of Casper generally has the highest assisted living costs in the state of Wyoming, with prices ranging between $3,395 per month and $4,325 per month and an average yearly cost of approximately $51,450. The lowest assisted living prices in Wyoming are around the Cheyenne area, where they average around $50,100 annually and range from $3,411 to $4,695 per month.

Wyoming has an average SeniorScore™ of 66. The state ranks as the 50th largest state in the US. It has a total population of around 563,839. Within this number, approximately 31% are 55 years of age or older. Residents have an average life span of approximately 78.3 years.

The average per capita wages in Wyoming are roughly $28,919, with a mean income per household of $71,357, and a median income of about $58,221. The state has an average overall cost of living. Currently, it has an unemployment rate of approximately 4.68%.

With average temperatures ranging between 29.1 and 57.3 degrees Fahrenheit, Wyoming typically has a harsh climate. The average annual temperature is about 43.7 degrees.

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