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Residential Care Homes in Wyoming

Our records show that Wyoming has at least 92 senior housing providers, including 0 residential care homes. According to data collected by Medicare, the average cost of residential care communities in Wyoming is $27,810 per year, with costs ranging from $1,350 to $3,351 monthly. The national average cost for the entire country is about $2,625 per month.

The Casper metro area generally has the highest residential care home expenses in the state of Wyoming, with prices ranging from $2,546 per month up to $3,244 per month and a median annual cost of approximately $38,588. The lowest residential care community prices in Wyoming are in and around the Cheyenne area. Here, they range between $2,558 and $3,521 per month, with a median yearly cost of approximately $37,575.

Wyoming has a moderate SeniorScore™ of 66. With a total population of 563,839, it ranks as the 50th biggest state in the country. Among this populace, around 31% are over the age of 55. Residents have on average a life expectancy of about 78.3.

The income per capita in Wyoming is about $28,919. The mean household income is $71,357, with median earnings of about $58,221. The state has presently has an unemployment rate of around 4.68% and an average overall cost of living.

Average temperatures in Wyoming typically range between 29.1 and 57.3 degrees Fahrenheit. Overall, it has a very cold climate, with a mean annual temperature of about 43.7 degrees.

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