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Why Are Home Security Systems Great for Seniors?

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There are so many pieces of new technology out there?and so many ?smart home? features that have helped completely change the way in which we run (and protect) our homes. This of course, includes home security systems. While the idea of home security systems have been around for a long time, recently developments in technology have made these systems even more advanced and even more common in homes today.

However, while some people are looking to these advanced security systems to work with their smart home features, and others are looking to keep intruders at bay?there are many seniors who are wondering if they should be considering these home security systems. This is a particularly common question among seniors who already live in assisted living communities or nursing homes that have some type of front desk security already in place.

The important thing to remember is that while many seniors may not understand why home security systems are so important, especially if they have never had them before, this technology can be a must have addition to any senior?s living space. Here are some of the top benefits of adding a home security system to your senior loved one?s home.

It?s About More Than Break-Ins

There are so many people who think that home security systems are only about avoiding break ins. After all, the initial home security systems were basically just an alarm that alerted you if someone burst through the front door. Today?s security systems are so much more advanced than this, and can do so much more.

If you have a senior loved one who doesn?t think that they need a home security system because they don?t have a front door that leads to the outside, remember that these security systems can also alert you if you the windows are opened or compromised as well. Video systems can also catch if someone is stealing from your loved one?s living space or in there when they shouldn?t be?even if they aren?t ?breaking in? the front door.

Home Security Systems Can Give Off Important Warning Signs

The right home security system can also alert a senior, or alert you as your senior?s loved one, if there is smoke, carbon monoxide or even frozen pipes compromising your loved one?s home. In fact, you can live very far away and have the home security system alert you of undetectable issues like this developing in your loved one?s home?so you can take action.

These environmental hazards can be silent killers and very dangerous, and the right security system can detect these early. You can even have the detectors alert both the senior when they are in their home, and your computer or cell phone, so you can stay on top of these issues, even if you aren?t nearby.

Many Home Security Cameras Come With Panic Buttons

In addition to providing video surveillance on seniors?many advanced home security systems now also come with built-in panic buttons that can help alert authorities should your loved one need medical assistance. This is something that you may have to add in to your home security package, but it is one that will help you and your senior loved one sleep better at night.

This is especially important if a senior experiences a medical emergency that prevents them from being able to speak on the phone. These built in panic buttons can be a real life saver and will immediately alert authorities for you.

Video Cameras Can Help Keep Seniors Safe When You?re Not There

If you wish you could help keep an eye on your senior loved one 24/7 but physically can?t be there?the right home security system can help you keep a watchful eye on them. Home cameras can be discreetly placed anywhere in the home?even on the doorbell, so you can keep an eye on who is coming and going from your loved one?s house, but also if something dangerous is happening in their home.

Say your senior leaves the stove on, falls in the home or leaves without locking the door?you can keep an eye on their apartment and help keep it safe. You can also turn off lights, alert authorities and even lock the door for them from afar?so your senior can stay safe in their own space. This is also a great way to allow any senior to stay independent longer without putting themselves at risk.

While getting used to the idea of a video camera monitoring your home may take a little bit for some seniors, video surveillance can really make all of the difference when it comes to the safety and well-being of any senior who is primarily living alone.

Another great thing about today?s more advanced security systems? They can be easily moved. Most security systems today do not have to be hard wired into the home like security systems of the past did?which makes them easy to move and makes it easy for your senior to take their security system with them should they be moving between homes, apartments, assisted living communities or anywhere else they may need to live.

While having a home security system can help prevent burglaries in the home?there are so many other great perks that can come with having a home security system in your senior?s place. The great news is, there are so many affordable, functional and powerful home security systems out there right now and so many great systems that can work in any senior?s home. All you need to do is determine which system is the right system for your loved one?s home.

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