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Nursing Homes in Kentucky

Kentucky has 612 senior care providers, which include 334 nursing home facilities. According to data published by Medicare, the average cost of nursing home facilities in Kentucky is $73,000 annually, with costs typically ranging from $4,860 to $8,550 per month. The monthly nationwide median cost is about $6,360.

The highest nursing home costs in the state of Kentucky are found in the Lexington-Fayette metro area where they range from $195 per day up to $300 per day, with a median cost of around $95,083 per year. The lowest nursing home prices in Kentucky are around the Bowling Green area, where they range from $198 to $255 per day. Here, the median yearly cost runs approximately $79,205.

Kentucky has a very high SeniorScore™ of 74. The state has a combined population of approximately 4,345,548, which makes it the 26th biggest state in the nation. Within this populace, approximately 28% are 55 years of age or older. Residents have on average a life span of about 76 years.

The average income per household in Kentucky is $57,455, with a median income of about $44,261, and per capita income of about $23,070 per year. The state has presently has an unemployment rate of approximately 9.03% and a very low general cost of living.

With average temperatures ranging between 43.8 and 66.1 degrees Fahrenheit, Kentucky typically has a mild climate. The average temperature throughout the year is approximately 55.5 degrees.

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