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15-year-old Writes Touching Song for his Grandma with Alzheimer’s

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Harry Gardner, a 15-year-old grandson in the UK, wrote a heart-breaking but sweet song for his Nan who is currently struggling with Alzheimer?s disease. The tune, titled ?Not Alone ? Song for Alzheimer?s,? captures the essence of Harry?s struggle to understand the quick changes his grandma has gone through because of the disease, and the longing for her to be how she was before.

?Open your eyes and say hello?tell me to get the remote, so we can watch your favorite show?and ruffle my hair, and say it?s bad?and tell me just how much I?ve grown and let me know I?m not alone.?

I?m sure other people who have family members with Alzheimer?s or similar types of dementia can relate to Harry?s words. Before my mom passed away, she showed signs of dementia and I remember it being a very confusing and saddening time. I am so grateful to Harry Gardner for this touching tribute.

“Song for Alzheimers” can be purchased via?Amazon Music?and?iTunes with all proceeds going to Alzheimer?s Research UK.

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Lori Thomas
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