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5 Great Yoga Poses For Seniors

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Yoga is one of the oldest and most popular forms of exercise on the planet. It is a great way to restore flexibility, promote healthy circulation and exercise the muscles. The great thing about yoga is that it is also low-impact, easy and great for people of all types?especially seniors. It doesn?t put a great deal of pressure on the joints or stress on the body. This is why more and more seniors who are looking to stay active try yoga.

In fact, here are five great yoga poses for seniors that aren?t only easy for elderly adults but that can provide some great benefits for seniors as well.

Mountain Pose

This pose is simple and involves standing straight up with a tight core and great posture. It is perfect for seniors who are starting to slouch and helps with balance?something that many seniors struggle with. If you want to keep your feet healthy and strong, this is a great pose to try.

Tree Pose

Tree pose can build leg and abdominal strength. Abdominal strength is important for all seniors, especially those with back issues, while leg strength is essential to preventing falls and keeping seniors mobile and active. Tree pose is especially helpful for the many seniors who struggle with hip mobility.

This pose is simple. Stand up tall, place one foot on the opposite inner thigh above the knee, open the leg to the side and bring the hands in to prayer and hold. It is that simple.

Down Dog

Downward facing dog is one of the most popular poses in yoga and for good reason. It is great for the abs, the back, the arms, joint health and overall flexibility. These are all things that any senior can benefit from.

Here?s how to do it: put yourself in plank then lift your hips up and back into the air until the body forms a triangle.

Cobbler?s Pose

Sit on the ground with good posture and bring the soles of the feet together while opening the knees out to the sides so there is a nice, deep stretch. Sit up tall and take several deep breaths in and out. This is a great pose for seniors who have hip issues and can help with leg strength and stability.


You should always end your yoga practice with Savansa. This is a pose where you lie on your back, take deep breaths and enter into a deep state of relaxation. This pose is designed to reset the nervous system and to restore peace to the body and to the mind. This helps with strength, body awareness and can help restore longevity in the joints, muscles and organs.

Any senior interested in trying yoga can do these exercises right at home. Or they can take an actual yoga class at their local gym and community center?there are many classes out there that are specifically designed with seniors in mind and created for those who want to move at a more manageable pace.

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