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Fun Brain Teasers For Seniors

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It is so important for seniors to get plenty of brain activity, especially if they are battling Alzheimer?s, dementia, depression or other similar issues. The great news is getting mental stimulation really isn?t that difficult, as there are plenty of brain teasers for seniors that can help provide them with the stimulation they need while still being plenty of fun.

Cranium Crunchers

Cranium Crunchers is a fun website that has an array of games and activities for individuals of all ages. However, this site is about more than just games, it is about educating visitors about the importance of cognitive stimulation. These fun teasers come from the creative mind of Dr. Rob Winningham, an expert on memory and aging from Western Oregon University. This Psychology and Gerontology professor created these games to do everything from hone attention skills to enhance brain processing speeds.

There are plenty of activities designed specifically for those with Alzheimer?s, memory, aging and dementia concerns so they can do their part to ward off cognitive decline.

The Memory Game

Not all brain teasers need to be online games. In fact, seniors who want to give their minds a little bit of a test can easily play a good old fashion game of Memory. Seniors can use playing cards or picture cards to challenge the mind as a way to test their brain and work on their memory skills. It is an old game, but one that has proven to be more for more than just kids.

Third Age

At, seniors can access a large array of games ranging from word games and puzzles to brain teasers and first-person player games. This easy-to-use website is senior-friendly and designed specifically for older adults who want to keep their brain?s active. Plus, with so many options, seniors can choose game styles they know they love or challenge themselves with new teasers.

Granny Cook

This new brain teaser helps your memory while focusing on recipes that you’re most likely very familiar with!?Each game always has 3 levels of difficulty : Easy, Medium, and Difficult.?In the easy levels you just have to remember the ingredients, and in the difficult one, the quantities?. watch out for the brownie recipe — it’s the most difficult!?To play and find out more information, click?here.

AARP Games

The AARP has long been a trusted organization for individuals age 50 and over to turn to for advice and insight on a variety of topics. However, the organization also has a number of games offered right from their official website. Games such as The Right Word, Split Words and several strategy games offer seniors with a little bit of everything they need to challenge their brain. Plus, there are also group games that encourage seniors to socialize as they play with and against their peers.


Sudoku is another game that proves there is more out there than just online games. This popular numbers game challenges the mind in unique ways and encourages seniors to use areas of the brain that they don?t normally use on a day-to-day basis. Critical thinking and math skills come into play with this game as these teasers are sure to keep any senior sharp well into their golden years.

It is important to remember that brain teasers aren?t just fun games for kids, they are great for seniors as well, consider adding these fun brain teasers to you or your loved one?s routine as a great way to challenge the brain and have a little fun while you?re at it.

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