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The? Caregiver Scholarship winner for Fall 2018 has been chosen. Bailey Luber,?who is attending Pepperdine University, will receive a $2,000 scholarship for her caregiver experience.

Bailey has been taking care of her elderly grandfather, who has dementia, every summer for many years and every other full year when he lives with her family.? Her grandfather, PopPop, has short-term memory issues and has had many hospital visits for multiple other issues.? He’s had a heart attack, Lyme disease, a hernia, and other ailments, along with the dementia.

Bailey has learned from her caregiving experience that keeping a sense of humor is really important and has also learned patience.? She has a real appreciation for her own memory and health now, and also says she’s learned that “everything will be ok as long as (she) remembers to laugh.” Her grandfather taught her to not take life too seriously, and to love those around you and love them well.? Bailey tells her PopPop to drink more water and encourages him to have a child-like wonder towards the future.

Bailey’s great attitude about the situation shines through in her submission video.? Bailey will be studying International Business and Nonprofit Management.? She wants to start her own nonprofit so that she can continue her newfound love of helping others.? Her family has recently had some distress and this scholarship will help her immensely.? It will help lift the weight of debt off her shoulders, so she can worry about more important things like her PopPop.? Congratulations, Bailey!

See Bailey?s full scholarship submission video below.

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