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The Volunteer Scholarship winner for Spring 2017 has been chosen. Jill Jones, who is attending Duke?University, will receive a $1,000 for her volunteering experience.

Each week, Jill volunteers her time by playing music at the Durham Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, in Durham, NC. ?Jill has a lot of musical talent and brings a different instrument with her each week, saxophone, trumpet, mellophone or piano, and sits down to play for whomever will listen. ?Jill really looks forward to this time each week because it’s an opportunity for her to put smiles on the faces of others.

Jill is?majoring in neuroscience and music and hopes to become a neurosurgeon one day. ?She believes that a musician can possibly save a life just as much as a neurosurgeon, and is studying to comprehend how these two techniques can help heal.

In her scholarship application, Jill stated: “visiting the retirement home I work with has really inspired me to be a better person. If nothing else, it?s taught me how prevalent ageism is in our society, and how unfair stereotypes against the elderly??of being ?weak,? ?useless,? and a ?burden???truly are. I?ve loved hearing every one of the stories that residents tell me, and I very much hope you?ll enjoy this volunteering-related one of mine.”

Through volunteering, Jill has learned patience, kindness and wisdom. ?Residents tell her that she has a musical gift to make the world a better place.

See Jill’s full scholarship submission video below.

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