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The? Caregiver Scholarship winner for Spring 2018 has been chosen. Carolyn Scheese,?who is attending University of Utah, College of Nursing, will receive a $1,000 for her caregiver experience.

Carolyn has been a caregiver for multiple people and her caregiving experience spans over 35 years.? At one point, she took care of her father-in-law over a span of 12-15 years by driving to his home, which was 1.5 hours away, 3 times a week to help with his care, medication and doctor appointments.? She is currently caring for her mother, featured in her application video, who is very grateful for her tender care and good example.? Carolyn had experiences with others who waited until retirement to do the things they had dreamed of doing but then were too ill to do them.? She learned to “not put things off” and to “take time to vacation and enjoy life now.”

This scholarship will help free up resources for Carolyn, so that she can better care for her mom, her family and her new grandchild.? It will allow her to complete her Post-Masters to Doctor of Nursing Practice degree in Organizational Leadership so that she can teach and share the knowledge she has gained with others.

See Carolyn?s full scholarship submission video below.





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