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The? Caregiver Scholarship winner for Spring 2019 has been chosen. Janai Cherry,?who is a sophomore at Morgan State University, will receive a $2,000 scholarship for her caregiver experience.

Janai has taken care of both of her elderly grandparents for 7 years.? Her grandmother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and her grandfather, who has passed, was diagnosed with dementia.? Janai helped with attending doctor’s appointments, making them meals, giving them medicine, taking their blood pressure, and going on many walks with her grandmother.? As her grandmother’s disease progressed, Janai would also help bathe her and carry her around the house.

Janai has learned from her caregiving experience to be compassionate and patient, and she also became extremely close to her grandparents throughout this experience.? Her grandmother is her best friend!? Janai’s grandmother has given her a lot of advice, including “don’t marry anyone lazy!”? And when her grandparents would argue, Janai would remind her grandmother to never let anyone take her out of her character.

Janai’s strong spirit, sense of humor and perseverance shows through in her submission video.? Janai will be studying Screenwriting and Animation, and she wants to become a screenwriter for film and TV shows.? Her grandparents influenced her career decision because every day they would tell her a new story about their lives and really made her appreciate the art of storytelling.? Janai has an outstanding GPA and works two part-time jobs while being a full time student.? Since Janai’s family has medical bills from her grandparent’s illnesses, this scholarship will help Janai and her family by taking a financial burden off of their shoulders.? Congratulations, Janai!

See Janai?s full scholarship submission video below.

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