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Sound Machines And Sleeping?How Seniors Can Use These Devices To Get Rest

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Sleep is so important for every senior and while experts recommend that seniors get between 7-9 hours of sleep per night, the average elderly adult doesn?t even get close to that much rest at night. In fact, insomnia is more common among seniors than any other age group. This is why it is so important for seniors to be open to different tools and approaches that can help them get to sleep.

One of the many tools that seniors may want to consider is a sound machine. There are many different noises that are known to help with sleep, and while everyone is different, here are some of the most common noises that can help anyone drift off to sleep.

White Noise

White noise is one of the most popular sleep sounds out there, as it is designed to help people tune out all other outside noises and distractions. White noise sounds like a very subtle radio frequency sound and is great for seniors who can?t sleep because they are easily woken up by different noises in their environment.

Nature Sounds

Nature sounds, as the name suggests, are designed to sound like rainforests, the beach or other outdoor environments. These sounds are known to be relaxing, but sometimes the animal noises can be confusing to seniors, so they may not be for everyone.

Water Noises

Water noises are another really popular option when it comes to sleep sounds. Water sounds can come in the form of light rain, running water or ocean waves. The rhythmic nature of water sounds are great for light sleepers, as there is rarely a break in the pattern of the noise, which can help soothe any anxious senior to sleep.

Pink Noise

Like white noise, pink noise is designed to help tune out other sounds that may be distracting, but it has a slightly softer tone than white noise, so it is a great option for seniors that don?t like white noise. It is also popular for seniors who struggle with ringing in their ears and find it prevents them from sleeping.

There are many seniors who are using sound machines and even cell phone apps to help them fall asleep. Sleep sounds are known to help promote natural relaxation, which can be really helpful for seniors who have anxiety and even those that struggle with dementia or sundowning.

Sleep sounds are also very popular among seniors who are living in nursing homes or assisted living communities, where the environment can be noisy or distracting. All seniors need to do is to find a sleep sound that works for them. There are so many different options out there.

Typically, the best way to try out sleep noises is for seniors to test out these sounds during a nap before transitioning the sleep sounds to their nighttime routine.

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