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Stay Cool! 20 Indoor Activities for Seniors to Help Them Beat the Heat

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Summer is here and while that can mean a lot of fun in the sun for many people?the heat can also be dangerous as well. This is particularly true for seniors and older adults who are more prone to overheating and dehydration. With this in mind, it is important for seniors to have plenty of indoor activities to do during the summer to stay busy.

Looking for some inspiration? Here are 20 indoor activities for seniors to help them beat the heat.

  1. Play cards either alone or with friends. Senior card clubs are quite popular and are not only fun activities but fun social events as well.
  2. Try a new recipe per day and make it for someone special?seniors can deliver cookies or pies to someone they care about.
  3. Start scrapbooking images of favorite memories.
  4. Visit the local library and find new books.
  5. Spend the day at an area art or history museum (consider getting a membership to encourage more regular visits).
  6. Take an indoor aerobics or exercise class.
  7. Go to an indoor pool to enjoy the fun of swimming in the summer.
  8. Start reading a new book every week.
  9. Host luncheons or dinner once per week and invite friends and family over to enjoy.
  10. Have a board game or card game night for friends and family.
  11. Try out new local restaurants?make a list to stay organized.
  12. Go to a local animal shelter and play with the cats or homeless animals indoors.
  13. Join a mall walking group as a great way to get exercise indoors.
  14. Join a sewing or knitting group to start enjoying arts and crafts with friends and peers indoors.
  15. Plan a movie night and go see a movie in a nice cool movie theater. Many movie theaters also have special senior rates.
  16. Go and visit a local theater?s play or rendition of a favorite play.
  17. Attend a show for your local symphony.
  18. Become a member of your local senior center, and start enjoying activities and outings at these senior centers.
  19. Try out a yoga class?yoga can be a great way for seniors to stay loose, limber, stretch and stay active and yoga classes are typically indoors.
  20. Take a ballroom dancing class. It is a fun way for seniors to get active and to meet some of their peers.

Hot weather can be very serious and dangerous for seniors, which is why it is so important for seniors to be able to stay indoors in the air conditioning as much as possible. Keep these activities in mind when you are looking for ways to help your senior loved ones stay out of the heat and enjoying safe and fun indoor activities all summer long.

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