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The 8 Best Memorial Day Activities For Seniors

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Memorial Day is such a fun holiday for the whole family. It is time for friends and loved ones to get together, enjoy some fun in the sun and it kicks off the beginning of summer. It is also a great holiday for honoring our troops, veterans and military sacrifices. If you are planning on celebrating Memorial Day this year with a special senior in your life, then here are a few fun activities that can really make the holiday special for everyone involved.

These are our top eight Memorial Day activities for seniors.

  1. Red White and Blue Themed Party- The Fourth of July isn?t the only time to get out your patriotic colors. Memorial Day is a great day to have a red-white and blue themed party. Encourage everyone, including seniors to get into the theme to celebrate the event in style.
  2. Cookouts- There is no better time for a cookout than Memorial Day. Kick off the summer with a fun cookout and make sure to include your senior loved one in the preparations so they can feel included in the fun.
  3. Flag Raising- Start off Memorial Day the right way with a flag-raising ceremony. You can do it just with your family, or with your whole neighborhood. Make sure that the flag is being flow at half-staff until noon?and then raise it to the top until sunset to follow tradition.
  4. Attend a Parade- There are lots of local parades around the country on Memorial Day. Make sure to check your local papers to find out when your area parade is being held.
  5. Look Through Old Photos- If your loved one was a military member, use this as a time to look back on photos and memories of their time in the service and make sure to thank them for their sacrifice.
  6. Have a Moment of Silence- At 3:00 PM local time, it is usually tradition to have a moment of silence for those who lost their lives serving their country. This is a National Moment of Remembrance and an important tradition around the country.
  7. Visit a Soldier Cemetery- There are soldier cemeteries across the country. Look for a local one in your area and plan an outing to visit this cemetery and pay homage to those who have served their country before.
  8. Have an Ice Cream Social- Nothing says kick off to summer quite like some ice cream. Host an ice cream social with friends and family for a cool way to spend your Memorial Day!

Keep these tips in mind if you are looking for a special way to honor Memorial Day and honor a special senior in your life on this important American holiday.

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