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Hospice in Massachusetts

Massachusetts has 1,003 senior housing providers, which include 419 hospice care providers. According to data published by Medicare, the median cost of hospice care providers in Massachusetts is $55,080 per year, with costs ranging between $3,330 and $6,000 monthly. The nationwide median cost for all states is about $4,590 monthly.

Massachusetts has a very high SeniorScore™ of 74. With a combined population of approximately 6,547,612, the state ranks as the 14th largest state in the nation. Among this population, approximately 29% are seniors. Residents have an average life span of about 80.5.

The average per capita earnings in Massachusetts are around $35,062, with an average income per household of $89,285, and median earnings of about $70,742. The state has a very high overall cost of living and a current unemployment rate of around 8.14%.

Massachusetts typically has a cold climate, with average annual temperatures of about 48.9 degrees Fahrenheit. The low temperature is approximately 38.7 and the high temperature averages 58.1 degrees.

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